Welcome to the official website of the DR/VRS community!

Everything you need to know from the team can be found on weownthenight.io, in Discord, or on X.

But at Butter Beach, we aim to highlight and celebrate the DR/VRS community and IP by providing a “home base” for everything the community creates.

Mobile Wallpapers from Rareboy

  1. Enter your DR/VRS ID
  2. Choose your options
  3. Download your wallpaper

AR Frames from Holoframe

  1. Enter your DR/VRS ID
  2. Point your phone at a surface
  3. See your DR/VR framed in AR

DR/VRS Community Multi-sig Wallet

A community-run multi-sig wallet was set up to manage funds given to the community by our founding team after the first DR/VRS licensing deal for the RazorVibes barber shop in London, UK was completed.

Most of the funds were sent to the community purchasing wallet (below), but this wallet contains a few gifts from community members and a couple grail DR/VRS gifted by the team, including DR/VRS #1

DR/VRS Community Purchasing Wallet

To help facilitate easier transactions, the “novadeluca” wallet was created to handle purchasing and minting DR/VRS assets using community funds.

The 60+ DR/VRS acquired and owned by the community were used during Race Week to mint 300+ Ecehlon, VEH/CLS, COM/CS, and PERM/TS.

The Butter Beach website is managed by community members duuuval and aedonys_the_great.

We’re always open to ideas to improve the site. Find us in DR/VRS Discord or on X.