DR/VRS: Aftermath

A game by a DR/VR, for DR/VRS (and friends)

6,000 were lost in the Great Race. Some of those that survived lost everything but their lives. Even so, many in W. Edge City want to drive “more than anything.” 

But the wreckage is still everywhere, so you will have to avoid the overturned and burning VEH/CLS while trying to collect the keys of the fallen to honor the 6,000 we lost and escape the Aftermath.

How to play:

Press anywhere on the screen to start the game. 
If you are here for a competition, please submit your twitter handle when prompted. 
Use the arrow keys to move your DR/VR around the road. Can move up, down, left and right.
Dodge the wreckage while collecting the keys of the fallen (and DR/VRS tokens for extra lives). 
Game will automatically restart after showing the leaderboard for a few seconds. 
Buckle up.

Mobile Friendly Version

(best played in landscape/full screen)